Broken Access Control

Part 0x01 | Improper Authorization could allow access to more than 100,000 Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Partner Users


As a part of Microsoft coordinated vulnerability disclosures, I would like to share a critical vulnerability within the dynamics portal which could allow an attacker to access personally identifiable information (first name, last name, email address, MPN ID etc.) of users of the Microsoft Dynamics for 365 Partner website.

Technical Details:

Step 0x01: Login to ‘Dynamics 365 for Partners’ portal using my valid partner account:

Step 0x02: The above application invokes different API calls in the background. Let’s closely analyze the following interesting API call, which fetches details of currently logged in user.


The ‘emailId’ parameter by default takes currently logged in user email address:


The application returns first & last name, email address, MPNID, AAD Profile ID, role name etc. of currently logged in user.

Step 0x03: [Vulnerability/Unexpected behavior] One important test case here trying to access other users on the dynamics portal system details using their email address.

The following is unauthorized reading of other users of the system information by using their email address. The application discloses the details of the user without checking for an additional authorization on the API call. For this example, I use email address of my second testing account.



The application discloses first & last name, email address, MPNID, AAD Profile ID, role name etc. of another application user without authorization. However, in order to exploit this vulnerability, the attacker should know in advanced the email address of other site user of the dynamics portal.

Step 0x04: The following a way to disclose all user data (~112MB) without secondary authorization.

For this test case instead of /api/Users/email?emailId=<email address> I directly invoke the API to /api/Users:



112 megabytes of website users’ detail which is likely over 100,000 users.


The following blog is for informational and educational purpose only. I am not responsible for the misuse of the information in this blog.


Aug 04, 2021 — Reported to Microsoft

Aug 05, 2021 — Case Manger assigns a case to the defect

Aug 12, 2021 — A fix was completed and communicated to the finder.

Sept 27, 2021 — Finder notification of intent to go public.

Dec 16, 2021 — Approval for write-up

Final Note:

I would like to thank MSRC team who assist and help me throughout this responsible vulnerability disclosure process. Special thanks to Jim & Kriti.



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